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Companion Care

As tasks become harder to accomplish, companion care is an optional service that provides a friend when needed. Companion care allows you or your loved one the ability to maintain some independence while allowing us to provide essential assistance.  

The service provides emotional and social support. It is important to maintain hobbies, and other activities, companion care accomplishes this. Our caregivers can accompany our clients to appointments, social events, and just be a friend to those who are in need. 

Homemaking Care

Our homemaking care aids with the upkeep of the home. Often our clients have trouble completing tasks that were completed with ease. Tasks such as grocery shopping, meal preparation, kitchen cleaning, vacuuming and sweeping are just a few tasks that are included in our homemaking care services. 

Hospice Care & Palliative Care

As the end of life draws near, everything is important. Our hospice and palliative care services provide support during this highly sensitive and critical time. Palliative medications help our clients manage their pain while hospice provides comfort and increases quality of life for both our clients and their families during this transitional time.

Personal Care

Not having the strength or ability to accomplish personal care is often an emotional and mental challenge. We understand that and so as we assist with personal care, we desire to do it with grace, displaying our understanding. Personal care is often needed to assist our clients with activities of daily living such as eating, dressing, bathing, toileting, and mobility.  

Respite Care

When we care for our loved ones, we give our all and often we cannot give to them when we have nothing left. Our respite care is designed to provide caregivers with personal time so that they may replenish the grace necessary to care for the ones they love. Our services may be required for a few hours per week, or it could be for a few days, but we desire to prevent burn out. We worry so that you don’t have to.

Live In/Overnight Home Care

When life requires care for extended periods of time. Live in and or overnight home care can be an option. This service allows us to place a caregiver in-home that will attend to the needs of our clients.   

Alzheimer's & Dementia

Our Alzheimer’s and dementia care is designed to help our elderly client maintain independence. We provide care that will complement medication and allow our clients to have the necessary intellectual, physical and emotional support necessary during this phase of life.  

Post Surgery & Rehab

After survey why not come home to recover? Our post surgery and rehab care Is designed to allow you or your loved one to recover and rehab in the comfort of your own home. Our caregivers provide assistance with meal preparation, cleaning, etc. as you recover. 


When diagnosed with ALS, MS, or Parkinson’s, ViCare can provide care that will assist with the day to day tasks that have become too difficult to complete. As life changes and you find a new normal, is Important to us that you have the patience required to live comfortably with a neuromuscular condition.  

Fall Prevention & Recovery

Falls can be quite detrimental to elderly or those who are disabled. They happen unexpectedly and often result In lasting results such as broken bones, reduced quality of life and premature death. Our caregivers are trained to prevent falls and assist with the recover after a fall.  

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